Tablet Teddy Bear

Overview for Tablet Teddy Bear

Tablet Teddy Bear™ was designed so that your kids can play with their teddy bear and at the same time explore the new revolution of children apps on their iPads™ and tablets.

Ideal for home and traveling, be it on a road trips, cars, airplanes, outdoors, or visiting grandma and grandpa.

Offered in plush Blue or Pink Swirl or Classic Brown, these loveable Teddy Bears protect your tablet while your child can take advantage of the educational and entertaining value of their tablet. When it’s time to go, simply detach the protective backpack, slip the tablet inside, and your little one has their favorite teddy tucked into their arms.

Tablet Teddy Bears™ accommodate any tablet on the market including: iPad® 1 and 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab™, Amazon Kindle™, Blackberry Playbook™, HP Touchpad™.


Ergonomically designed
Sits up independently
Flexible arms and legs
Anti-skid material on stomach and hands holds iPads and Tablets
Padded and removable snapped backpack to store your iPad or Tablet
Carry Handle for backpack


9″ Width x 11″ Length x 13″ Height

Soft Minky