Ergonomically designed tablet accessories for kids

Tablet Teddy Bear

Tablet Teddy Bear™ was designed so that your kids can play with their teddy bear and at the same time explore the new revolution of children apps on their iPads™ and tablets. Ideal for home and traveling, be it on a road trips,...

Tablet Bean Bag

Tablet Bean Bags™ are ergonomically and therapeutically designed to eliminate neck pain and strain when working with your iPad™ or tablet. They facilitate better body positioning when reading, viewing movies or working on your tablet.

Easily position your tablet in a vertical or horizontal position, from a 0 to 90 degree angle to your comfort.  Made of a Soft Minky material, Tablet Bean Bags™ contour to any surface and can be utilized in any position: laying down in bed, on your back or stomach, on the couch, sitting in a recliner, in the car, outdoors, on a road trip or in a plane.  When finished using your tablet simply slide it into the storage compartment and use it as a traveling pillow.  

The Tablet Bean Bag™ accommodates any tablet size that is on the market:  iPad™ 1 and 2, Galaxy™, Kindle™, H.P. Touchpad™, Blackberry Playbook™, etc… 


  • Sliding side compartment with snaps for your iPad, Tablet, or Kindle
  • Zippered pocket for ear phones, cell phones, iPods, etc.
  • Handle and finger strap for carrying
  • Anti-skid material on bottom
  • Video taking and hands free 
  • Recharge and plug in your tablet




Soft Minky